Philip Stehlik

Community, Spirit, Ritual, Technology, ♥︎

I integrate entrepreneurship, love, spirituality, creative processes, technology, embodiment, and the principle of being fully alive in every moment.

After many years of actively building communities and companies, I still bring new projects into the world while I also work with individuals and groups as a coach, advisor, and guide - on personal, relational, and business topics alike.

In my 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneur & maker, I built companies and financial products that impact many millions of people worldwide. I do all my work while being in deep connection with spirit and life. Alternative approaches to co-creation, relationships, and love are part of my everyday life and it is my joy to bring this wisdom to everything I do.

One of my main areas of focus is supporting the emergence of a new way of "being a man" during this time of global change.

Startups & Entrepreneurship

I started my work on the global stage in my early 20s when I created software and later co-founded Taulia, used by millions of small & medium businesses world-wide to receive financing and optimize their cash-flow. I advised and coached startup founders and companies in areas of mobile development, big data, financial analysis, fleet management, and payments. I also served on the board of multiple companies and my projects raised more than USD 220 Million of capital.
In 2017 my interest and work led me to the decentralization of financial systems. I co-founded Centrifuge, a decentralized financing platform, was on the core-team of the Department of Decentralization, and an active member of the Ethereum and Polkadot network communities.

Community & Consciousness

I am an active member of the International School of Temple Arts, lived at Highden Temple in New Zealand, where I was initiated in the Highden Temple Training. I support soul initiation journeys, hold temple spaces, and personal and group rituals.
I was initiated into the mysteries of Tantra, and advocate for and am the living embodiment of the integration of consciousness, love, and sexuality. All this is part of my everyday life and I believe that there is no separation between personal and group work as we are all interdependent.

I am also a core pillar of the Brotherhood Mystery School, where we bring integrated men’s work and support the emergence of a new global brotherhood in love and harmony with the earth, all humans, and spirit.

Other Projects

Think Deck - Cards for reflection and self-discovery.

Selfiepoems - An investigation of the stories behind a selfie.

In the Spirit of Business - A podcast miniseries exploring the intersection of spirituality and business.