Philip Stehlik

For a future worth living for

I support teams and climate-focussed projects as advisor, communities and groups as facilitator, climate startups as investor, individuals as a coach - often it's a mix of all of the above. Go here to learn more about how I coach.In my work, I integrate entrepreneurship, spirituality, communal & creative process, technology, embodiment, and the heart.I had 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneur & maker, where I built companies and financial products that impact millions worldwide. Alternative approaches to co-creation, co-living and relationships are part of my everyday life, and it is my joy to bring this wisdom to everything I do.As an investor, my main focus is on the climate crisis, communal living and co-creation.As a coach, I am leaning on my experience working, co-creating, and living in a wide variety of settings and my training in modalities like Gestalt Therapy.I design and facilitate experiences and retreats for groups at The Future is Now.

Startups & Entrepreneurship

I started my work on the global stage in my early 20s when I created software and later co-founded Taulia (now acquired by SAP), used by millions of small & medium businesses worldwide to receive financing and optimize their cash flow, supporting billions of $s worth of transactions. I advised and coached startup founders and companies in mobile development, big data, financial analysis, fleet management, web3, DAOs, and payments. I also served on the boards of multiple companies, and my projects raised more than USD 300 million of capital.
In 2016, my interest and work led me to decentralize financial systems. I co-founded Centrifuge, a decentralized financing platform, publicly launched the network in 2020, was on the core team of the Department of Decentralization, and am an active member of the Ethereum community.
Today, I work exclusively with founders who tackle the climate emergency. I do this through our firm Earth.

Mentoring & Investing

I mentor, advise, and invest in individuals, projects, startups, and founders working on world-changing projects, technology, and philosophies.
I am most interested in projects that use large, systemic approaches to achieve positive impact and get us out of the current climate and biodiversity crisis.
My focus areas are climate-related projects, decentralized infrastructure & products, living & land-based communities, spiritual projects, and creative & art endeavors.
I support founders, startups and decentralized networks via Earth and coach individuals based on my personal experience of 20 years as entrepreneur, my training in Gestalt Therapy, group facilitator, and deep spiritual training and practice.

Community & Consciousness

My spiritual path started in my mid-20s when I was introduced to meditation by a co-worker. Soon after that, I experienced work with plant medicine. This combination set off an accelerating path of deep inquiry and revelation on the road toward embodying the lessons I received.
Over the years, I journeyed with many in-person and distributed communities, deepened my spiritual and embodiment practices, and followed several teachings toward a more holistic human and spiritual expression. I was initiated into the mysteries of Tantra and advocate for and am the living embodiment of the integration of consciousness, love, and embodiment. All this is part of my everyday life, and I believe there is no separation between what comes up in deeply personal processes and large-scale systems change as we are all interdependent.
I am an active member of the International School of Temple Arts, lived at Highden Temple in New Zealand, where I was initiated in the Highden Temple Training, and co-facilitated the Samothraki Temple Training, happening on Samothraki Island in Greece. I'm an avid meditator and practice Siddha Maha Yoga.

Other & Previos Projects

The Future is Now Gathering
An invite-only, intimate gathering of community initiators and leaders centered around the question of: “How do we simultaneously dream of AND manifest the vision of an interconnected, communal, co-creative, and collaborative world that’s worth living for across disciplines?!"
Currently cooking up smaller events and facilitations The Future is Now.
Winter Residency, Samothraki, Greece
November 2021 - March 2022
This five-month winter residency on Samothraki Island, Greece was dedicated to community experiments, deep listening to the land, co-creative process, and collectively support for our emergence.
Think Deck - Cards for reflection and self-discovery.Selfiepoems - An investigation of the stories behind a selfie.In the Spirit of Business - A podcast miniseries exploring the intersection of spirituality and business.Brotherhood Mystery School, where we integrated men’s work and support the emergence of a new global brotherhood in love and harmony with the earth, all humans, and spirit. Now evolved into Emergence Brotherhood journey held by some beautiful brothers.